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Coloring DIAMONDHEAD - Ben 10 Coloring Page

Ben 10 "DIAMONDHEAD" Coloring
Coloring Page with Diamondhead and Diamonds

If you have been following my Ben10 coloring page articles here at then i bet you have been scouting for new Ben 10 coloring images for a few days.

I have been working like crazy with new coloring pages and am happy to say that coloring pages with Ben 10 fusion aliens will be available sometime this weekend!!!

The previous Ben 10 coloring page articles here were written with a single character or theme as a "golden thread" and this one is no different.

This article is all about Diamondhead Ben 10 Coloring Pages.

Diamondhead is a really interesting Ben 10 alien, the alien is practically immortal and has the ability to "grow" diamonds out of nothing to form shields, tools, weapons or projectiles.

Diamondhead has also proven that all beam attacks such as laser light is useless against him because of his ability to reflect light.

If you havn't read my article: Coloring, Drawing and Spelling with Ben 10 then head on over there and grab some Ben 10 coloring pages with the letter "B" ( as in Ben 10 ! ).

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The Ben10 coloring images in this article offer coloring sheets with Diamondhead and even include popular point-to-point DIAMONDHEAD coloring page that make it easy for children to draw DIAMONDHEAD by following the dashed lines.

Ben10 Coloring Page with Diamondhead

This Ben10 coloring image show what can be described as nothing less than an army of Ben 10 DIAMONDHEAD characters.

The Diamondhead coloring page is designed with the largest aline images in the front of the image and seveal more in the background that decrease in size.

Ben10 Storyline Quick Info
The Ben10 series start as the 10 year old Ben Tennyson join his Grandfather Max and his Cousing Gwen for a summer vacation.

What appears to be a small meteor crash in the woods where the family is camping. The young Ben Tennyson discover that the meteor is in fact a strange alien artifact (The Omnitrix) that can transform it's wearer into one of 10 different alien figures.

From this point on, the series is a combination of fanily humor and battles between Ben10 (and his family followers) and many viscious beings that include mysterious evil aliens and corrupted humans.

Ben10 Coloring page with Marching Diamondhead

This Ben 10 coloring sheet is one of my childrens favorite DIAMONDHEAD coloring pages.

The DIAMONDHEAD characters are positioned so it looks as if two lines of Diamondhead aliens merge in the middle of the page.

The Ben 10 coloring page has several small areas that can be coloring and a single medium sized Diamondhead character in the middle of the page.

Ben10 Coloring with Diamondhead

The last Ben10 coloring image in this article is a coloring image with dashed borders that make it easy for children to draw the Diamondhead Ben 10 alien.

The DIAMONDHEAD coloring page can be colored "as it is", but the dashed lines practically beg to be completed, - even by very young children.

This dashed Ben 10 coloring page is designed so the outer and most straight lines dashed. This make the Diamondhead coloring page relatively easy for children to re-draw.

Want more Ben10 ?
Check out the Ben 10 Kids website for more great coloring pages and information about the Ben10 toys and tradingcards.

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